What We Offer

Feature Film

The Feature Film is a short (3-4 minute) narrative film that tells your story. These films are often nonlinear (events may not appear in chronological order) and are the perfect pace and length to share with family and friends.

Mini Highlights Film

The Mini Highlights Film (~5 minutes) captures all of the key moments of the day – getting ready, ceremony and reception. Couples who choose only a Mini Highlights film can consider a Single Shooter film.

Full Highlights Film

The Highlights Film (15-25 minutes) is a more inclusive film that includes coverage throughout your entire wedding day. Highlights Films are edited with the same cinematic feel and attention to detail as our feature films, but will cover more of your ceremony, toasts, and reception events. The duration of your highlights film varies depending on your individual wedding day. Trust us that longer isn’t better!

Our approach is different, unique and personalized. We’d love to tell you about it! Call or email and we’ll be happy to talk with you and find out more about your plans.


You can book photography and video together. Read more here.


We’re committed to providing the coverage that’s right for you and your story.  Most couples spend between $2700 and $3700 for video services.