A new name.

Syncopated Pictures is still making movies.

But we have a new name!

Come visit our new home:

Christina Montemurro Photography & Video

Meet the Team

Christina Montemurro

Christina is responsible for all of the back end work at Syncopated Pictures, and a lot of the front end, too. Christina began photographing weddings in 2009, before moving into the video realm in 2011. Christina loves meeting new people, and finding unique ways to tell their stories. She enjoys the balance between deliberately shooting the right moments and editing these into a beautiful story. An equal opportunity beverage enthusiast, her favorites are dirty chai tea lattes, pale ales and margaritas.

You’re likely to find her running in North Park, watching her son play baseball, or telling someone how much she loves winter (really!).

Four of Christina’s favorite films: North by Northwest, The Big Lebowski, Rushmore and Casino Royale.

Nicki Dembski

Nicki loves finding the beauty in unique situations.  She sees beauty in all the things around her, and captures that art in cinema. An avid traveler, Nicki’s wanderings have enriched her in immeasurable ways, and given her immense appreciation for the diversity and

fascination that surrounds us every day.  She’s visited 24 countries, most recently Morocco and Nepal. Nicki is also extraordinarily capable with tools, and recently renovated her entire house. She even installed a floor made out of pennies!

Nicki’s favorite movies include: The Matrix, Fight Club, and Pulp Fiction.