10 years ago, Nikki and Dan met at Governors Honors Academy.

In Dan’s words: “I was dreading spending three weeks of my precious summer at nerd camp. However, my parents insisted that it would be a good experience and would have a positive impact on my future. While I’m sure they were speaking to the introduction into college lifestyle and intensive classroom atmosphere as the “impactful” elements of the camp, after only a few hours into my first day, I realized that the summer was going to change my future in quite a different way. When I met Nikki on the first night, I was immediately aware that she was out of my league, and I had to devise a plan to step up my game and turn on the swag. Obviously my plan was to square dance my way into her heart. I executed this plan flawlessly.”

After 10 years together, many of those long distance, these two are finally together forever.

Nikki and Dan don’t take anything too seriously, and made sure to kick off their reception with a spirit of fun and celebration. And so, their wedding film has a bit of a twist at the end. All I’ll say about that is that Nikki is stunning and you can hardly take your eyes off her… except that Dan is surprisingly amazing as well. Good luck with the last 40 seconds and figuring out which of the two you want to watch more. I suggest you don’t try, and go with repeat viewings instead.

Congratulations, Nikki and Dan! Nicki and I loved our West Virginia road trip.

Shot by Christina Montemurro and Nicki Dembski on Canon DSLR cameras; edited in Adobe Premiere Pro by Christina Montemurro. Music: “Here We Go” by Clemency, licensed by The Music Bed.


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